Hyperkin Launching an Optical Mouse for SNES

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Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1990 and it remained on sale until 2003 such was its popularity. It even had a mouse peripheral released, with the key title it supported being Mario Paint. The Super NES Mouse as it was called shipped as a bundle including the game and a plastic mouse mat. Both the console and the mouse are long since dead, but a new SNES mouse is set to be launched next month.

A new listing appeared on the Hyperkin website and subsequently on Amazon for the SNES Hyper Click Retro Style Mouse. You can see it pictured above, with the original SNES mouse pictured below for reference. The styling is quite similar as you'd expect.

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The key features of the Hyper Click mouse are the fact it's optical and offers a 6-foot cable. There's also the bonus of it being brand new, so your aging (and probably failing) Super NES Mouse can be put aside to avoid breaking it.

While it may seem a little strange to offer a brand new mouse for the SNES in 2017, it makes perfect sense for Hyperkin. This is the company that offers the RetroN 5 after all, which supports SNES cartridges and has ports for original controllers. So if you own a RetroN 5 and a copy of Mario Paint, this mouse will be a day-one purchase I bet.


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It's not just Mario Paint SNES gamers will want this mouse for, though. Would you believe there's actually 67 titles that support it? Some highlights include Civilization, Cannon Fodder, Lemmings 2: The Tribes, Mario Super Picross, Mega Lo Mania, Might and Magic III, Populous II, SimAnt, and Wolfenstein 3D.

The SNES Hyper Click Retro Style Mouse is expected to go on sale on July 6 for $19.99. If you'd like a RetroN 5 to plug it into to enjoy some of those 67 compatible games, that will require another $140 spend.

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