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YouTube fixes Restricted Mode issue censoring LGBTQ+ videos

The fix has added 12 million videos to Restricted Mode.

'The Last Goodbye' is the VR Holocaust memorial we need today

This virtual reality experience is emotionally harrowing, but everyone needs to see it.

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung grabs the smartphone design crown

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit my bias right up front: I have never liked Samsung's smartphones. The Galaxy and Note series have both been wildl...

Waymo says Uber hid a LiDAR device based on its technology

Alphabet's self-driving division is accusing Uber of covering up trade secret theft.

Don't Just Watch Tribeca Film Festival Movies, Jump In

Now until April 29, you can try the interactive experiences at the Tribeca Film Festival's Immersive program. This is no VR gimmick; your reaction might surprise you.

Lilium Tests Plane Summoned by an App

The company plans to have a fleet of five-seater electric jets shuttling people around congested cities starting in 2025.

Court documents reveal more shady dealings by Theranos

Depositions show a company on the wrong side of the truth.

Sony made a gigantic PS4 controller that you can't use

It'd take a giant to comfortably grip the humongous DualShock 4 gamepad Sony made to promote the 'Parappa the Rapper' re-issue.

Turns out, pacemaker security is terrifying

Matters of the heart shouldn't be handled carelessly.

Michael Kors taps your Instagram feed to beautify your smartwatch

The My Social app can turn your Instagram pictures into lovely watch faces.

Linksys Routers Vulnerable to DDoS Attacks

Flaws in the routers' firmware could let hackers access configuration settings and execute remote commands. Linksys said it's working on a patch.

Twitch kicks off Science Week by streaming Sagan's 'Cosmos'

Twitch will stream all 13 episodes of Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' twice next week.

More Gamers Can Soon Make Money on Twitch

Twitch's new affiliate program is aimed at casual streamers with at least 50 followers.

Cassini Edges Closer to Titan Ahead of Fiery Demise

NASA's Cassini spacecraft will celebrate Earth Day by making its closest fly-by of Saturn's moon Titan before starting its months-long final journey to crash into the faraway planet.

How Gorillaz brought a global listening party to your phone

It’s a live-streaming mixed-reality scavenger hunt and everyone’s invited.

Twitch opens up a way for more people to make money broadcasting

It used to be that you'd need to be part of Twitch's exclusive 'Partner' program to start making a living for broadcasting yourself. That's changing with the new 'Affiliate' program.

ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops will arrive this holiday

The first ARM-based laptops running Windows 10 should launch 'in the fourth calendar quarter,' according to Qualcomm's CEO.

Galaxy S8 owners can upload 100,000 songs to Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the default music app on the Galaxy S8, and owners will get a few extra perks.

Merch booths are coming to a video game near you

The chill snowboarding game 'Alto's Adventure' already has this implemented. Hopefully you want a $50 plush llama.

Lawsuit Slams Security of Confide Messaging App

A lawsuit filed yesterday in the Southern District of New York claims that the Windows version of Confide doesn't offer screenshot protection.