We Trust Heart Surgery Robots More Than Banking Robots

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Robots in their many different forms are entering our day-to-day lives, and in some cases we don't even realize they are being used behind the scenes. In banking specifically, using robots to handle operations promises to cut costs significantly. HSBC is currently planning a huge upgrade to its banking systems and so decided to ask consumers what they thought about the use of robots. The bank found the results surprising.

12,000 consumers were surveyed by HSBC spread across 11 different countries. When asked if they would trust a robot to handle their savings, only seven percent responded positively. That's very low and shows a lack of trust. But what's more surprising is 14 percent said they'd trust a robot to perform heart surgery. So double the number of consumers would trust a robot to perform a risky surgical operation than handle their cash.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Andy Maguire, the man HSBC tasked with carrying out the banking upgrade, commented "You think, gosh, one would've imagined the world had moved on further or was moving faster than that."

I'm surprised HSBC is so surprised by this feedback. The general public knows that a robot would never be allowed to perform heart surgery without it has been proved beyond doubt as capable/safe as a real surgeon. The trust is already there based on the high standards of the medical community. Banks, on the other hand, have very poor reputations.


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The financial crisis in 2008 and subsequent bail outs is still impacting people's lives today. There are regular reports of banking fraud, consumers get hit with unfair charges all the time, and those working in the banking world are known to get paid very well for their efforts.

Banks are all about profit, so consumers naturally see a banking robot as a way for the banks to generate more profit for less expense, and therefore trust is very low. Surgical robots, on the other hand, can potentially save your life and therefore automatically get a much higher level of trust. As time goes on and they become an ever-greater presence in operating theaters, I expect that trust to grow. That is, of course, unless they start making mistakes.

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