Consumer Reports Suggest Newest MacBook Pro Has Serious Battery Problems

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Apple Inc. always come up with products that can leave anyone spellbound and amazed.


The products of Apple are always admired for their beautiful designs and the powerful specifications. However, the new MacBook Pro could not live up to the expectations. What is worth mentioning is that it is not because of the specifications or features. New MacBook Pro has some serious battery issues which were not witnessed in Apple's products before.

The battery life of MacBook Pro was found to be very inconsistent. According to the manual, the battery has at least 10 hours battery life and in the first try, it runs around 9 to 9.75 hours. The
results in the second and third trial are very astonishing. In the second trial, MacBook Pro battery could only last at an average of 4 and a half hours and on the third trial, it could last only 3 hours. This may seem as a minor issue but it has tarnished Apple's name. However, the battery life can vary from person to person based on the usage.


Some people took to the social media and Apple's support forum to report the issue that the battery does not last as much as advertised. Consumer Reports also declined to recommend the device because of this issue. In the previous models of MacBook Pros, the battery time was exceptional that is why people were more excited to try out this new model. But this machine was sheer disappointment because of this battery problem.

Apple in response opted to remove the battery estimate from the advertisement and the manuals. Besides the battery problem,
new MacBook Pro is an exciting machine to own. It is still unknown that what exactly is causing this problem. But as per the initial reports, it is suspected that the discrete Radeon graphics chip is causing this problem, although it is not confirmed yet.


For some people, battery is not a problem. They can bring an external battery and take it along wherever they go to enjoy the features MacBook Pro has in store. The display is terrific with enhanced brightness. It is much lighter than its predecessors. It is best for music and game lovers with 58 percent loud speakers and if you pay extra, a Touch Bar display above the keyboard is waiting for you that gives you a whole new way to control and manage things but there are only a few apps which integrates with this Touch Bar. These features are so attractive that some fans still can ignore the battery problem and buy MacBook Pro. But if you need more battery timings, this laptop is not for you.

Based on the features and specifications, the new MacBook Pro is supercool to have but the battery issues have resulted in the downfall of it. To sum up, all the innovation of this machine ended with these battery issues. Apple will improve this laptop in future just like other products and when that happens and when it gets longer battery life and more apps integrate with the Touch Bar, MacBook Pro would be tough to beat for the competitors.

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