ASUS blew a hole in its newest wireless router

asus-blew-a-hole-in-its-newest-wireless-router photo 1 ASUS

Wireless routers have been, for years, ugly black rectangles that we've habitually tried to bury behind our TVs and bookshelves. ASUS is hoping that you'll think differently about the Blue Cave, its new WiFi router that looks like an electric pencil sharpener on human growth hormone. The device with a hole is an AC2600 dual-band WiFi router that, the company promises, can handle enough connections to cope with your growing home.

That design isn't just for looks, although it certainly is striking. Rather than add the antennas outside the device, the company built them into the roof of the Blue Cave. The motherboard -- which uses Intel technology -- is then sat on the bottom, with the hole providing some useful distance between the two.

Capacity is no substitute for speed, but ASUS believes that the Blue Cave will also let you stream 4K video and share files without any lag. Plus, the router supports IFTTT out of the box, helping you to build recipes that'll run your home and make your digital life that little bit easier.

Of course, wireless security, especially related to the internet of things, has become a bit of a hot button issue of late. That's why Blue Cave boasts of having AiProtection, a "free for life" security solution from Trend Micro that'll keep your devices safe from hackers.

In addition, ASUS is letting smartphone users run the router from their mobile device in a similar way to other products, like Google WiFI. Administrators can view network usage from their phone, as well as setting family time limits and control over what apps can access the internet.

There's no word -- yet -- on pricing, availability or anything else, but when we know more, we'll add it here.

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