DIY High-Gain Projector Screen Combines Latex Paint and Sand Blasting Beads

diy-highgain-projector-screen-combines-latex-paint-and-sand-blasting-beads photo 1High-gain projector screen are quite pricey; this DIY hack uses glass sand blasting beads to mimic the highly reflective surface of commercial high-gain screens.

Sean Michael Rogan, over at MAKE magazine, stumbled upon a particularly clever way of rolling his own high-gain screen. What’s the secret sauce in his method? Glass sand blasting beads from tool discount store Harbor Freight provide the high-gain reflectivity. First he build his screen, then he painted it with white latex paint, finally–after applying the second coat and while it was still wet–he liberally sprinkled the glass sand blasting beads all over it. After leaving it to dry and brushing the loose beads off, the final product is a white screen with a micro-layer of highly reflective glass beads embedded in it.

Hit up the link below for a full step-by-step guide and, if you’re curious, check out his original tests that led the final mixture.

Glass Bead Projection Screen [Make]

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