Inverted LACK Table Serves as a Perfect Gear Rack [DIY]

inverted-lack-table-serves-as-a-perfect-gear-rack-[diy] photo 1We’ve seen IKEA gear hacked to hold audio and computer gear before, but this mod adds in a simple and effective twist.

LACK end tables are, conveniently, the same width as a standard server rack. This makes it super simple for DIYers to mount their gear right into the legs of the table with no modification necessary. In this case, however, Winston Smith included a clever update to the mod. Rather than leave it like a standard table, he flipped the table upside down for increased stability and a stronger connection between the legs of his improvised audio rack and the table-top-turned-floor-plate. He then finished it with a matching LACK shelf piece to serve as a turn-table stand. His gear is stored cleanly, off the floor, and in a sturdy container all for about $25–a definite bargain when it comes to storage racks.

Hit up the link below for more information and pictures.

LACK Rack & EXPEDIT Desktop [IKEA Hackers]

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