Friday Fun: Christmas Tree Light Up

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Another week has thankfully passed by, so it is time to take a break and have some fun. This week’s game tests your ability to light up the whole Christmas tree…can you figure out the correct wiring configuration?

Christmas Tree Light Up

The object of the game is simple…light up all of the bulbs on the Christmas tree. While the game may look quick and easy at first you will need to do some thinking and experimenting to come up with the correct wiring configuration.

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The instructions are very simple…just click on any of the wiring sections or bulbs to rotate them. Keep in mind that you may have to click a few times to line the wiring sections or bulbs up as desired since the rotation is always clockwise.

Note: You will need use all of the wiring sections available to completely light the tree up.

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Each time you will be presented with a different starting setup coming from your power source. Time to hook up the lights!

Note: It is recommended that you disable the sound for the game since the “rotation” sounds can be slightly irritating.

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A nice start but there are still a lot of bulbs to light up.

friday-fun-christmas-tree-light-up photo 5

Getting closer…

friday-fun-christmas-tree-light-up photo 6

Almost there…only two more bulbs to light up.

friday-fun-christmas-tree-light-up photo 7

Success! Have fun playing!

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Play the Game

Play Christmas Tree Light Up

For more Christmas Tree light up fun browse on over to play the game featured for 2011.

Friday Fun: RS Christmas Tree

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