How to Add an App Drawer to the LG G5’s Home Screen

how-to-add-an-app-drawer-to-the-lg-g5-and-8217;s-home-screen photo 1

LG did something weird with the G5: it completely removed the app drawer in the stock launcher, and tossed all apps on the the home screens, like in iOS. I get that some people probably like this—maybe even prefer it—but I’m sure it’s off-putting to many others. If you’d like to give the stock launcher a go but want the app drawer back, LG actually included a way to add an app drawer to its launcher via a separate download.

First, head into Settings. Pull down the notification shade, then tap the cog icon to get there.

how-to-add-an-app-drawer-to-the-lg-g5-and-8217;s-home-screen photo 2

In Settings, scroll down to the “Home screen” option and tap it.

how-to-add-an-app-drawer-to-the-lg-g5-and-8217;s-home-screen photo 3

The first option in this menu is “Select Home”—give that a tap.

how-to-add-an-app-drawer-to-the-lg-g5-and-8217;s-home-screen photo 4

This is where all the currently installed launchers will show up, but the last option on the list is “Home & app drawer”—you’ll notice that it has a download icon next to it, as opposed to a selectable bubble like the others on this list. Go ahead and tap that, which will jump into another menu.

how-to-add-an-app-drawer-to-the-lg-g5-and-8217;s-home-screen photo 5 how-to-add-an-app-drawer-to-the-lg-g5-and-8217;s-home-screen photo 6

You’ll be prompted to install the Home & app drawer add-on, which is what you want. It will download the app and automatically install it—no interaction required.

You can now back into the “Select Home” menu. The “Home & app drawer” option will be selectable now, so go ahead and give that a tap.

how-to-add-an-app-drawer-to-the-lg-g5-and-8217;s-home-screen photo 7

And that’s that. Selecting the new home app will take you to your new home screen, which still looks a lot like it did before, with the addition of an app drawer. And if you ever want to go back to the all-apps-all-the-time home screen layout, just head back into the Home Screen menu and select “Home.”You’re welcome.

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