[Sponsored] Giveaway: WinX MediaTrans Lets You Manage, Import & Export iOS Files Easily

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iPhone 7 finally made its appearance, bundled with many new features and improvements. People’s requirements for large-capacity iPhones were answered with 128GB and 256GB sizes to choose from. Obviously, they gives us much more space to store files, so why not transfer some movies, music, eBooks and other media from PC to our iPhone for enjoyment anywhere at any time? All we need is some iPhone file transfer software.

When it comes to a great iPhone file transfer tool, WinX MediaTrans is worth a mention. It is designed with many useful features, allowing us to transfer files from iPhone to PC and vice versa. It helps a lot when we need to free up iPhone space, back up iPhone files, transfer files from PC to iPhone and transfer files from old iPhone to a new one, etc. Not limited to iPhone 7, previous iPhone generations like iPhone 6s, 6, 5s and 4s are supported as well. You don’t have to rely on iTunes to sync and manage iOS files any more.

Better yet, it is now under giveaway and promotion. We can choose to download a Giveaway Version with full features, or buy the Full Version with Lifetime Free Upgrade, free tech support and 30-day money back guarantee at a pretty cheap price.

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What Can WinX MediaTrans Do for You?

WinX MediaTrans is fully compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista. Currently, it is able to transfer and manage photos, music, videos, eBooks, ringtones, Voice Memos, iTunes U and podcast for any iPhone generations, as well as iPad iPod devices. It is an easy-to-use, feature-rich tool with fast loading and transferring speed. Let me show you more details.

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1. Get photos off iPhone

Hey, your iPhone storage is full? I bet getting photos off iPhone will make much room for new files. If you’re thirsty for an easy and fast method, WinX MediaTrans is second to none. It comes with concise interface, thus any one can handle it effortlessly. Meanwhile, 8 seconds is enough to export 100 4K photos from iPhone to PC, external hard drive, flash drive and the like. You can get off photos from Camera Roll, and also those from third-party apps like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Select target items and begin transferring immediately!

2. Transfer and manage music

If you love music, you probably love this function. Given that you’ve many songs stored in PC, now you can transfer them to iPhone for playback on the go. Also want to back up some iPhone music to PC? Just make use of WinX MediaTrans. As you can see, music transfer is a two-way function. Furthermore, it is also a music manager, featuring the ability to create or delete playlists, move a song from one playlist to another, delete unwanted music in batch, edit music metadata including title, artist, and more.

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3. Transfer videos with two bonus features: auto-convert and auto-rotate

iPhone makes it easy to record unforgettable moments as HD and even 4K UHD videos. However, videos always take up too much space. Then, you usually choose to transfer them to PC. But how? Actually, it is a terribly simple task with WinX MediaTrans.

In turn, you can transfer videos from PC to iPhone, such as movies or videos downloaded from YouTube or ripped from DVDs. Don’t worry about video compatibility issue, because the built-in auto-convert option will be triggered when you attempt to transfer a video in an iPhone incompatible video format, for example MKV and AVCHD. It will convert the video to MP4 automatically. Another bonus feature is auto-rotate, designed to rotate the video in vertical to horizontal for full-screen playback on iPhone.

4. Mount iPhone as a flash drive

When your flash drive isn’t within reach, have you ever thought of taking iPhone as an alternative? Yes, with WinX MediaTrans, you can mount iPhone as a movable drive to store all kinds of files, including images, documents, apps and so on. Now, take full advantage of your iPhone storage!

5. Newly added: transfer and manage eBooks, ringtone, Voice Memos, iTunes U and podcast

Everything needs to be updated constantly, so does WinX MediaTrans. Recently, it has been reengineered with new features: export/import eBooks, iTunes U and podcast, make ringtone for iPhone 7, 6s or other generation, export voice memo from iPhone.

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To sum up, WinX MediaTrans is worth a try when you want to transfer files between iPhone and PC. Again, it is now 100% off at iPhone iOS manager giveaway page and sold at huge discount with Lifetime Free Upgrade at this discount offer page.

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