Twitch to Stream 'Mister Rogers' Marathon

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If your young child catches a cold or succumbs to a flu bug this weekend, their recovery period could be a lot less miserable than normal, thanks to Twitch's decision to stream 886 episodes of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood over 18 days starting on Monday.

Twitch, the video game streaming site that has recently branched out into other categories of online video, is using the Mister Rogers marathon as a fundraising effort, encouraging viewers to donate to the Public Broadcasting Service, which originally aired the show starting in 1968 and risks death at the hands of the Trump administration.

The marathon is the only time Mister Rogers fans will be easily able to watch every episode, since some only aired on TV once and are not available elsewhere online, according to Twitch. Each episode will be aired consecutively, with the marathon concluding on June 3. Later, Twitch plans to re-broadcast some of the episodes in mini-marathons.


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Twitch has streamed public TV shows before, including Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting and Julia Child's The French Chef, but Mister Rogers is by far the most well-known, and Twitch and PBS are heavily promoting it as a way to drum up support for the network.

"Fred Rogers believed in the boundless potential of all children, and his landmark educational philosophy continues to guide our work today at PBS Kids," PBS Senior Vice President Lesli Rotenberg said in a statement. "We are excited to bring Mister Rogers' Neighborhood to the Twitch community in this special event, honoring Fred's legacy, and encouraging fans to support the important work that local PBS stations do to help all children learn and succeed."

In addition to the donation campaign, which will appear as a panel next to the video stream, Twitch will also be interrupting the broadcast to run periodic spots about the importance of public television.

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