Surprise! You Can't Get the Latest OnePlus Phone (Again)

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is gearing up to release a hot new model, but don't expect to actually get your hands on it.

The company, which drummed up demand in the past by selling its phones ia invitation only, on Wednesday introduced the all-black, engraved OnePlus 3T colette edition, designed in collaboration with the Parisian luxury retailer collette. "What is on offer here is the sleekest and most stunning OnePlus device to date," OnePlus Community Manager Akis E wrote on the company's forum.

It's also incredibly inaccessible. OnePlus was hyping this announcement on Twitter for days with splashy blue and white graphics, leading some people to believe a blue model was on the way. Others were hoping for a brand new smartphone, or perhaps a smartwatch.

Instead, OnePlus unveiled this black version of the 3T, which normally comes in gray and gold, and said it has just "250 specially engraved units" to go around. The extremely limited handset, which features "the famous colette logo" on the back, will go on sale March 21 at 11 am at the colette store in Paris for 479 Euros ($514).

OnePlus is encouraging people to "camp out" if they want it. "This is your one and only chance to acquire this limited-edition device, so don't miss it!" Akis E wrote.


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Commenters have praised the "sexy" new black paint job, but aren't too thrilled with the hype.

"Bit anti-climatic, will any fanboys splurge on this?" one commenter wondered. Others said they were expecting a bigger announcement.

"Seriously? This is what I've waited three days to order a 3T for?" one person wrote. "I was waiting to order one in a fantastic blue color. Or possibly a new model. Instead I find out I can fly to France and pay more money for a black one which advertises for a French company? BEYOND irritating."

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