Only Xbox One X Owners Will Download 4K Assets

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Microsoft, just like Sony, will soon need to support multiple versions of the same game due to the Xbox One X launching. It's a games console capable of 4K output and therefore needs 4K graphics assets. So that means already released games may issue a 4K assets patch and new games will ship with them included.

If you are sticking with an Xbox One or Xbox One S, then you don't want or need gigabytes of 4K data downloading to your console. It's a complete waste of time and resources. According to Stevivor, Microsoft realizes this and confirmed it will only download 4K data to owners of the Xbox One X.

You may think this is obvious and should be the norm, but Sony doesn't make any differentiation. Regardless of whether you own a PS4 or PS4 Pro, you'll download all the 4K data for each game. That's a lot of wasted gigabytes for PS4 owners.

Of course, the system isn't perfect because everyone has a different setup. For example, just because you buy an Xbox One X doesn't necessarily mean you also own a 4K TV, but Microsoft will still download the 4K assets to your machine because it doesn't check your TV resolution.


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It's also worth noting the Xbox One S can output at 4K, but it does so by upscaling 1080p visuals. So even if you own a 4K TV hooked up to an Xbox One S you won't benefit from downloading 4K assets.

One final bit of good news for Xbox One owners in all its forms: Microsoft is going to give developers new tools with which to better optimize downloads and therefore make them more efficient. Hopefully that translates into smaller downloads and faster downloads speeds, too.

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