Fake PS3 Tracks Thieves via GPS

fake-ps3-tracks-thieves-via-gps photo 1

Want to make sure you catch anyone brash enough to loot your beloved media center? Include this PS3 Trojan Horse in the mix to track your gear.

Wayne, from the electronics blog DSS Circuits, was upset that somebody stole his nephew’s PS3. While most people would shake their fists and hope their home owner’s insurance covered such unfortunate events, Wayne decided that he’d lay a trap for future thieves with a cleverly designed PS3 dummy unit that housed not a sweet current gen game console but instead an array of inexpensive electronic tracking gear. The thief lifts your PS3 and the PS3 activates a homing beacon–sending you SMS updates with GPS coordinates for as long as the internal battery holds out.

Since the PS3 is just an empty shell–Wayne bought it for $20 off eBay and opted to use the PS3 because of the high thieves-will-take-it factor–so his instructions could easily be adopted to anything large enough to contain all the parts.

Hit up the link below for more information.

Video Game Console Tracker [DSS Circuits via Hack A Day]

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