Add Round Corners to Your Images the Easy Way with RoundPic

add-round-corners-to-your-images-the-easy-way-with-roundpic photo 1Are you looking for an easy way to add rounded corners to your images without installing extra software? Then you should take a look at RoundPic. The website lets you add rounded corners to images in moments with an easy to navigate interface.

The interface for RoundPic is simple and straightforward. You can choose to upload an image from your computer or enter the URL of an image on the web. Once you have done that click on the Round it! Button.

add-round-corners-to-your-images-the-easy-way-with-roundpic photo 2

Here are the default settings that RoundPic will apply to your images. You can make changes and/or adjustments as desired then see the changes by clicking on the Round! Button to apply them. Once you have everything tweaked to your liking simply click the Download Button to download the modified image to your computer.

add-round-corners-to-your-images-the-easy-way-with-roundpic photo 3

RoundPic Homepage [via Guiding Tech]


You can download the wallpaper for the image shown above here:

Smiling Elven Warrioress [Wallpaper Abyss] Note: Original wallpaper size is 1920*1080 pixels.

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